LVIV, Ukraine

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Schnittke Competition Composers - 5th Edition

The organization will select composers who will have the opportunity to participate into the International Composers’ Competition ALFRED SCHNITTKE from 20 to 23 February 2021 in the city of Lviv (Ukraine), inside the Lviv Philhamonia.
The composers’ selected works will be performed in a final concert on 23 February inside the Concert Hall of Lviv Philharmonic Society.
The concert will be recorded by a sound engineer and a movie director will make a video.
Each composer must submit a music score choosen in the following section : String Orchestra ( 8 violin I, 8 vl II, 6 viola, 4 cello, 3 contrabbass );
Piano and string orchestra;
Violin or Cello and string orchestra.
Each email sent to submit a score shall include:
– The score and orchestral parts must be in A4 format, (please indicate minutes of the score) as PDF file (Sibelius or Finale program);
– A second PDF-file containing the identity of the composer (name and address, nationality, telephone number,

Closing date: January 19, 2021.