Geneva, Switzerland

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Geneva International Music Competition

The 75th Geneva International Music Competition will be presenting Oboe & Cello and will take place from 16-29 October 2021.
The Oboe Competition is open to candidates up to 30 years old (born after 29 Oct. 1991).
Application deadline: 30 April 2021

- 01-02-03 June: Video preselections
- 18 October: Official registration of the candidates - drawing lots
- 19-20 October: First round
- 22-23 October: Second round
- 26 October: Semi-Final Round
- 29 October: Final Round with OSR

Jury Members:
Alexei Ogrintchouk, Russia, President
Nora Cismondi, France
Diana Doherty, Australia
Gordon Hunt, UK
Evgene Izotov, Russia
Yiu Song Lam, China
Marie-Luise Modersohn, Germany

Programme, rules & registration: